Illegal Sports Betting Scam

Illegal Sports Betting

Sports betting is a huge industry. Some states have legalized certain activities in recent years, but many online betting sites and activities are still unlawful. To avoid illegal sports betting, you must understand and follow current state and federal laws before making a wager.

Illegal sports betting has real consequences for people who place and receive wagers—and for the safety of the American public.

Organized crime groups often run illegal gambling operations. These groups often use the money made from illegal gambling to fund other criminal activities, like the trafficking of humans, drugs, and weapons. These operations may also be involved in tax evasion and money laundering.

One of the FBI’s priorities is to investigate organized crime groups that operate illegal sports betting operations and disrupt and dismantle their activities.

Besides possibly funding organized crime activities, people who place wagers with illegal sports betting operations may be at risk of extortion and violence, which bookmakers may use to collect debts.

Report Illegal Sports Betting

To help address this crime, the FBI encourages anyone with information about illegal sports betting operations to submit a tip online or report it to the Internet Crime